Fiat Heritage

Designing cars to build the future.
And building cars to design the future.


More than 100 years on four wheels. Always on the move.

We started out back in 1899 with the 3½ HP, in the same years that saw the birth of the modern car manufacturing industry.

From then on, with our models, piston by piston, and one new idea after another, we have written the history of our brand and that of Italian and worldwide mobility.

Today we can boast many highly prestigious results: 9 cars elected Car of the Year, partnerships with over 400 universities, an 11% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 15% increase in the use of renewable energy.

We believe in the future, and even more than that, in the passion of our ideas: we know that these are the true elements that move our tomorrows.

The Heritage Project


Visions are the force that drives designers: visions of progress, innovation and future.

The former arrived in summer 1899, with the 3½ HP, of which only 24 examples were manufactured by a total of 150 workers in the Turin factory, the only production site that existed back then.

The enthusiasm that guided those early visionaries generated a company that inherited their passion, know-how and experience, with Fiat going on to build 7 factories, participate in 6 joint ventures and employ over 50,000 people.


In over 100 years of experience, many things have happened: from the old 500 to the brand new 124 Spider. And it is an attempt to promote each of these projects, from the classic Fiat cars to the newest models, that has produced Fiat Heritage: the project that tells the story behind the cars, the history and the world of Fiat.

A project that looks beyond the single brand, analysing in depth all the values and events that have involved not only the Fiat brand, but also the other Brands of the FCA group over the years. It is the story, told step by step, mile by mile, of the road travelled on the trail of a unique passion that has made millions of people mobile, and still continues to do so today.

Our Services

FCA Heritage Services protect and enhance the timeless
charm of our vintage cars.

Owners of our historic cars can request a Certificate of
Origin from the Heritage website, which will allow them to
trace the original features of their model in our manufacturing
records. Owners can also request an Authenticity Certification
that attests to the authenticity of their vintage Fiat, and the
functionality of its main mechanical components, after careful
checks by our team of experts. Finally, to preserve the iconic
status of our classic Fiat cars, FCA Heritage offers its team of
skilled technicians and mechanics for repair and restoration work.